Raindrop Class
The Raindrop Technique helps bring balance & harmony to the body by combining targeted massage & distinctive energy approaches

Through the Raindrop Technique & the use of Essential Oils, which contain various active compounds that can benefit a wide array of health conditions, health & restoration can be brought to the long-term health problems we face today. There are health threats all throughout our modern world today. Everyday we are at risk of exposure to toxins, nutrient-poor foods, high stress, & little exercise, etc. Exposure to these risks  has lead to a rapidly growing number of  long-term health problems in our world today.
This is why the Raindrop Technique was designed, to help bring balance back to the body.

Here's an 8 minute video on the basics of the Raindrop Technique and a few testimonials.

Come join us for an IN PERSON class all about the Raindrop Technique!
 At this event we will:
        -Participate in a demonstration of the Raindrop Technique
        -Learn how to do the Raindrop Technique on ourselves

Register Below and we will send the address to you (event will take place in Apple Valley, MN)!

See you there!

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